AALDEF Four-State Exit Poll: More Asian Americans Registering as Democrats

According to a nonpartisan exit poll of 2,538 Asian American voters in the 2017 elections, Asian Americans strongly supported Democratic candidates in four states–Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York–with 3 out of 5 voters disapproving of Donald Trump’s performance as president. The multilingual exit poll was conducted by the Asian American Legal Defense and […]

AALDEF Poll: 30% of Asian American Voters Cast Ballots for First Time in 2016 Presidential Election

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) today released the results of its 2016 multilingual exit poll, which found the overwhelming majority of Asian Americans backed Democratic candidates for President and Congress. The largest Asian ethnic groups in the exit poll were Chinese (35%), Asian Indian (13%), Bangladeshi (11%), and Korean (10%). Nearly one-third (30%) were […]

John Chiang: Still Stronger

A message from John Chiang: While yesterday was hard for many of us, I look around the state of California and see hope. I continue to be inspired by the ideals that Californians hold close to their hearts: the rule of law, religious freedom, equal rights, tolerance and economic prosperity for all. Now more than […]