Delegate Profiles

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We want to share your story!

Congratulations on being elected or selected a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention!

We would like to profile you on and share your story as a delegate for Hillary. Here’s the profiles we’ve posted so far.

In the upcoming weeks, will feature the profiles of 2016 DNC delegates who identify as members of the AAPI community on our website and various social media properties. These profiles will speak to who each delegate is, and why he or she supports Hillary for 2016 President.

We want to showcase the unique voices and varied perspectives of AAPI-ers that support Hillary and second, to promote the support of Hillary within AAPI communities.

Given your unique position as a DNC AAPI delegate in the 2016 election, we’d love to feature your profile as a part of  our campaign!

If you’d like to participate, please complete this brief online questionnaire.

Thank you!

Ivy Wei and Keith Kamisugi

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