Donate to CAPA21 and help us advance AAPI political empowerment.

We recognize that there are other existing AAPI political efforts and aspire to complement, not compete with, existing progressive organizations. Our PAC has a national reach, but is initially focused on California and the West Coast.


Donation online via ActBlue for contributions of $5,000 or less.

Note: We are not able to accept online donations of more than $5,000 per person per election cycle. We welcome donations above $5,000 via check and ask that donors interested in giving at a higher amount contact us ( before making a donation so that we can review the benefits you’ll receive and advise you of campaign finance rules governing contributions to PACs.


We welcome donations of any amount by check. Please complete this form so that we comply with campaign finance reporting rules. You will receive a confirmation via email after you submit the form that will include the payee and mailing information.

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